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Thank you everyone for your support!

I am looking forward to see you at our future events! -Love, Dalida

"I had a fabulous time, best show ever! You really know how to put a show together. The dancers look great, the music was amazing, never seen anything like it, the place was great! And you look very beautiful.Thank you Dalida, you are the best!" - Rick Vergara


"What a fantastic show, Lidia!! So many elegant dancers and great live music! Thank you so much for putting this all together. Great event!!" - Glenn Ladewig


"I absolutely adore you miss lidia:) thank you for your performance and including me in the show:) it was awesome!" - Mildred Mejia 


"What a great evening. Thanks for the invite:) Thank you Dalida for a wonderful event in a wonderful venue. We look forward to more in the future:) It's always a pleasure to see you and your artistry. We truly have a very rich arts community in DFW!" - Heather Cornelius Wayman 


"I loved it and hope you will invite me back for your next one!!!" - Kira Springer 


Gaylen Arnold Tharp about Radu Cernat's performance at Dalida's Hafla Show: "Fantastic performance. Loved it!”


"Thank you for putting on a lively show! I really enjoyed everyone's performances and meeting such friendly people." - Hayatem Bellydance


"Thanks my perform was for you my awesome Coach:)Love yahhhh" - Vickylin Malak Bellydance 


"Thank you for all of your wonderful performances. Everyone at our table had a great time. Even made a new friend! The turkey chili was delicious:) Good job everyone!" - Suzann Weinstein


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