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About Dalida        Testimonials

Professional international performing belly dance artist, Queen of Raks Sharqi 2010 by Little Egypt, Dallas, TX. Winner of numerous international competitions around the world. Dalida teaches regular classes in Dallas, Plano and gives workshops locally and internationally.

Dalida has more than 12 years of belly dance teaching experience. Dalida was mentored by the best teachers in the world such as Mahmoud Reda, Aida Nour, Nour, Yasser Alswery, Tito, Khaled Mahmoud, Mona Al Said, Asmahan and many others.

Dalida has created the unique curriculum for students of all levels and she is eager to share her knowledge.

Dalida has traveled to Cairo very often to get the inspiration and to learn about the Egyptian culture - mother land of the Oriental Dance. Dalida is a frequent participant of a world renowned 'Nile Group​ Festival' in Cairo, Egypt where she performed with professional life band. Dalida collaborates with many dancers and works on popularization and development of the Arabic Dance around the world. Dalida organizes "Dalida & Friends" Hafla cultural concerts where her dance studio, guest dancers and other genre performers share their art with the community. She is a frequent guest of various concerts and festivals dedicated to the Oriental dance.



“Dalida is such an amazing teacher! Her attention to detail, approach to dancing and charming personality are essential for building her students’ techniques while introducing them to their belly dance potential.” - Malak Kuzbary - student

“ Dalida is a teacher
extraordinaire, acclaimed dancer and is so ready and eager to teach all that she knows!” - Authentic Belly Dance Academy

“ Dalida one of the most famous and talented belly dance Instructors coming on board to teach Belly Dance classes. Her artistic approach to belly dancing mesmerizes audience with unique and beautiful choreographies derived from many different styles of belly dancing." - Oksana Cobb

“I have a whole new found love for belly dancing now. Dalida is officially the most beautiful belly dancer in Texas.” - Roland Sanchez – Facebook fan

“I have taken one of your workshops a long time ago, and I have also taken a private lesson and I loved it. I can't wait to be able to come to your classes to learn more from you. You are an outstanding instructor Dalida!” - Kamilah Hanan – professional belly dancer

“I still remember her performance at the end of the show... What a Performer, She did an excellent Job! A straight 15 minute performance without a break, full speed, Double turns, High Kicks....” - Simon Sarkis – professional male belly dancer
"What i love about Dalida, is the clarity of her moves... you See Her, you Watch her... She right For any stage, and any video Camera... Bravo habibi! You look stunning! Congrats"- Simon Sarkis – professional male belly dancer
“Best teacher ever!” – Jeannine Lee – student of Dalida Bellydance
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